Chris' Kit List - Last Updated 15/04/2016

Where indicated kits are for sale with an approximate price, but I'm always open to sensible offers.If a kit has 'No' against it then it isn't for sale under any circumstances.
Condition of the kits is described in the 'comments' column. Where kits are described 'As New' that means they were new when purchased but wlll have been opened to check contents. Some may be still in shrink wrap which means the contents are assumed to be intact.
Airfix kits include flying hours unless stated otherwise.
Post & Packing is usually Kit Price+3 but may increase for larger/heavier items depending on size. I will combine P&P on multiple buys wherever possible.
Collection in person is an option, or I can deliver for 2 within a 25 mile radius of Macclesfield. Cash on delivery/collection.
I normally use MyHermes. Shipping will be at cost with their tracked+signed+insured (Up to 100 value) rate based on their weight categories. Which is currently 4.78 including VAT for parcels up to 2Kg.
Payment via Paypal please. email me if interested and we'll agree a price; I will then send you a PayPal invoice. Goods will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving paymenmt.
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Aviation - Fixed Wing & Helicopter Kits
Kit Manufacturer Aircraft Manufacturer Kit Name Kit Part Number Number of Kits Scale For Sale? Sale Price()per kit Notes
AcademyBoeingB17G Flying Fortress1249011/72Yes16.00New. Sprues still in sealed bags.
AcademyMcDonnell DouglasF-15E Strike Eagle "Seymour Johnson"1229511/48Yes35.00As new.
AcademyMcDonnell DouglasF15-E Strike Eagle "With Bombs"211711/48Yes25.00As new.
AcademyGrummanF4U-1A/C/D Corsair VF-17 "Jolly Rogers"1229311/48Yes20.00As new.
AcademyNorth AmericanFR-86F Sabre "The Huff"1223411/48Yes10.00As new.
AcademyHawkerHunter F6216411/48No
AcademyHawkerHunter FGA.9216911/48No
AcademyMikoyanMig-20UB "Fulcrum-B"211911/48Yes30.00Bags opened and some parts off sprues. Comes with Begemot decal set (48-012) and Karaya resin and PE cockpit details set.
AcademyMikoyanMig-20UB "Fulcrum-B"211911/48Yes15.00Good condition. Sprues still in bags.
AcademyMcDonnell DouglasPhantom F-4B VF-111 "Sundowners"1223211/48No
AirfixMartinB-57B/RB-57E CanberraA0501811/72Yes15.00
AirfixEnglish ElectricCanberraA1010211/48Yes30.00
AirfixEnglish ElectricCanberra PR.9A0503911/72Yes12.00
AirfixBristol Aeroplane CompanyFreighter MK.32A0500211/72Yes40.00Still in shrink wrap.
AirfixBAeHarrier FRS1A1234511/24Yes45.00As new.
AirfixBAeHarrier GR.3A0510211/48Yes15.00
AirfixHawkerHurricane Mk.111/24NoPut Comments Here
AirfixSEPECATJaguar GR1.AA0710411/48NoPart of a job lot. Contains 2 complete kits plus some aries burner cans.
AirfixGlosterJavelin FAW 9/9RA1200711/48Yes40.00Flying hours missing.
AirfixEnglish ElectricLightning F2A/F6A0917811/48Yes35.00
AirfixWestlandLynx Mk.88A/HMA 8/Mk90BA1010711/48Yes22.00
AirfixGlosterMeteor F.8A0918221/48yes30.00
AirfixMikoyanMIG-29A "Fulcrum"A0403711/72Yes10.00Started. some parts off sprue.
AirfixDe HavillandSea Vixen FAW.2A1100211/48Yes40.00
AirfixSupermarineSeafire F.XVIIA0610211/48Yes19.00
AirfixSupermarineSeafire L.IIIc / Spitfire Mk VcA0511011/48Yes10.00Good condition, sprues still in bags. Decals look OK but can't guarantee they will be usable.
AirfixAvroShackleton MR.2A1100411/72Yes30.00As new.
AirfixSupermarineSpitfire Mk.VbA0410011/48Yes8.00
AirfixShortsStirling B1/IIIA0700211/72Yes15.00
AirfixBACTSR2A0801121/72No1 Stratos 4 Boxing, 1 older boxing. Not for sale or swap under any circumstances.
AirfixBACTSR2A1010511/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances.
F-RSINBreguetBr.763FRP400711/144NoBreguet Duex-Ponts
FlyHawkerHurricane Mk IIc3201211/32Yes40.00
FlyHawkerHurricane Mk IIc Tropical3201311/32Yes40.00
FlyWestlandWessex HC.23201011/32NoInjection moulded and resin parts.
HasegawaVoughtF-8E Crusader0722511/48Yes20.00Good condition. Some bags opened.
HasegawaMikoyanMIG-25 "Foxbat"JS-130:60011/72Yes12.00
HellerSEPECATJaguar GR1/GR38042711/48Yes20.00Still in shrink wrap.
HellerNordNoratlas 250135011/72Yes30.00Good condition. Some bags opened.
Hobby BossFairchild republicA-10 Thunderbolt II8032411/48No
Hobby BossGrummanA6-A Intruder8170811/48Yes40.00As new.
Hobby BossMcDonnell DouglasF3H-2M Demon8036511/48Yes25.00As new.
Hobby BossMesserschmittME-262 A-1a/U58037311/48Yes25.00
Hobby BossRepublicP-47D Thunderbolt8580411/48Yes13.00As new.
Hobby BossNorthropP-61B Black Widow8173111/48yes30.00
Hobby BossSupermarineSpitfire Mk.Vb/Trop8320611/32Yes30.00Brand new, box opened to verify contents. All sprues still in sealed bags.
Hobby CraftAvro CanadaCF-106 "Arrow"HC165911/48Yes50.00Good condition, but decals looking faded.
Hobby CraftMikoyanMig-27 "Flogger"HC159211/48Yes15.00Still in shrink wrap.
Hong Kong ModelsGlosterGloster Meteor F.401E0611/32No65.00
ItaleriGeneral DynamicsF-16 C/D Night Falcon18811/72Yes7.00Box a bit squashed and bags open, some parts of sprue.
ItaleriGrummanF8F-2 Bearcat80311/48Yes10.00
ItaleriHeinkelHe 111 H-612111/72Yes15.00
ItaleriHawkerHunter F6/F90270811/48Yes25.00As new.
ItaleriShortsStirling B1/III135011/72Yes30.00
ItaleriNorthropX/YB-35 "Flying Wing"127711/72NoAs new.
KineticGrummanE-2C HawkeyeK4801511/48Yes40.00As new.
Kitty HawkVoughtXFU5-1 Flying PancakeKH8013511/48Yes30.00
LindbergMesserschmittME-262231411/48Yes15.00Box a bit squashed, parts off sprues.
Mach 2SNECMAColeoptere11/72No
Mach 2LeducLeduc 02111/72No
Mach 2LeducLeduc 02211/72No
MengMesserschmittMe163B KometQS-00111/32Yes40.00
MonogramConvairF-106 Delta Dart0580911/48Yes20.00
MonogramHeinkelHe 111 H605-552211/48NoNot for sale/swap under any cicumstances.
MonogramNorth AmericanMustang P-51D5101-010011/48Yes12.00
RevellFairchildA-10 Thunderbolt II0468711/48Yes20.00
RevellAradoAr (E) 5550436721/72Yes
RevellAradoAr 196A-30468811/32Yes30.00
RevellBachemBA-349A "Natter"0461311/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances.
RevellBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighter MK.1F0488911/32Yes25.00
RevellMesserschmittBf-110 G-2/R30453011/48Yes18.00
RevellEnglish ElectricCanberra PR.90428111/72No0.00
RevellDornierDo215 B-50492511/48Yes25.00
RevellDornierDo335 A-1a "Pfeil"0432411/72Yes12.00
RevellConvairF-106 Delta Dart0584911/48Yes20.00
RevellNorthropF-5E Tiger II0531811/48Yes15.00
RevellVoughtF4U-1A Corsair0478111/32Yes18.00
RevellFocke WulfeFW190 F-80486911/32Yes28.00Put Comments Here
RevellHandley PageHalifax B MK.I/II GR II0467041/72Yes22.00As new.
RevellBaE SystemsHawk T1A0428411/32Yes15.00
RevellHeinkelHe 111 P-11234511/32Yes35.00
RevellHeinkelHe-162A0472311/32NoPostage refunded as bags had been opened
RevellHortenHo 2290431211/72Yes
RevellHawkerHunter FGA.9/Mk/580470321/32Yes25.00
RevellJunkersJU-88 MKII1234511/32Yes30.00
RevellAvroLancaster B III "Dambusters"0429511/72Yes22.00As new.
RevellAvroLancaster Mk.1/III0430031/72Yes20.00As new.
RevellWestlandLynx HAS.30483711/32Yes16.00As new.
RevellWestlandLysander Mk.I/III0471011/32No
RevellFocke WulfMistel V TA154 & FW-190A0482411/48Yes25.00
RevellNorth AmericanMustang0394411/32Yes35.00
RevellLockheedP-38J Lightning0547911/48Yes14.00
RevellNorthropP-61 Black Widow85-754621/48Yes20.001 kit still in shrink wrap.
RevellFairey AviationRotodyne0001321/78Yes50.001/78 Scale
RevellAvroShackleton AEW.20492011/72Yes35.00
RevellSupermarineSpitfire Mk.IIa0398611/32Yes25.00
RevellSupermarineSpitfire Mk.XVI0466111/48Yes0.00
RevellSupermarineSpitfire Mx IXc/XVI0455411/48Yes0.00
RevellFocke WulfTA-154A-00453511/72Yes12.00Missing canopy. Vendor gave full refund. Waiting on Revell for replacement. Revell - old kit so no spares vaiable.
RevellTupolevTu-22B "Blinder"0437111/72Yes40.00
RevellBellUH-1 "Huey"0490511/24Yes25.00
RevellHandley PageVictor K MK.20432611/72Yes18.00
RodenBristol Aeroplane CompanyF.2b42511/48Yes22.00
Special HobbyMcDonnell DouglasXF-85 "Goblin"4800321/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances. Both acquired via e-bay
TamiyaBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighter TF Mk.X6106721/48No
TamiyaDornierDo335-A "Pfeil"6107411/48NoIncludes Aries Cockpit.
TamiyaDornierDo335A-12 "Anteater" Trainer.61076-300021/48NoSwapped for Academy 1/72 Catalina and Hasegawa 1/32 Zero. 2nd one bought from sale on Britmodeller 21.98.
TamiyaMcDonnell DouglasF-15A Eagle642411/48Yes20.00Box a bit squashed.
TamiyaDe HavillandMosquito B MkIV/PR MK IV6106611/48No
Tamiyade HavillandMosquito FB Mk IV6032611/32No
TamiyaDe HavillandMosquito FB MK.VI/NF Mk.II6106211/48No
TamiyaKawanishiN1K1 Kyofu Type 116103611/48Yes15.00As new.
TamiyaBAeSea Harrier FRS16102611/48Yes10.00As new.
TamiyaSupermarineSpitfire Mk.IXc6031911/32No
TrumpeterFairey AviationGannett T Mk.2163011/72Yes15.00As new.
TrumpeterMesserschmittMe-2620223711/32Yes45.00As new.
TrumpeterMesserschmittMe-262 A-1a0223511/32No
TrumpeterLockheedP38L-5-L0 Lightning123411/32Yes80.00
TrumpeterFairey AviationSwordfish Mk.1320211/32NoContains optional clear fuselage assembly.
ValomHandley PageHarrow Mk II7205711/72Yes
ValomHandley PageHarrow Mk II7205711/72YesFlory Models auction
ValomHandley PageHarrow Mk II (Toothy Markings)7211611/72Yes
Whirlybird ModelsAvro707CWPX7201011/72No
Whirlybird ModelsFairey AviationDelta 1WPX7200711/72No
Whirlybird ModelsHandley PageHP.88WPX7201611/72No

Aftermarket Parts & Decals.

Manufacturer Aeroplane Company Description Part Number Category Scale Comments
AiresDornierCockpit detail set for Ta,iya 1/48 Do335101Resin1/48For Tamiya Dornier D0335A
BegemotMikoyanMig29-UB Decal Set 148-012Decals1/48For Academy MIG29-UB "Fulcrum".
eduardAvroLancaster Mk.1/Mk.III Cockpit detailSS305Photoetch1/72
eduardN/ASeatbelts RAF Late49007Photoetch1/48
eduardBAeTSR2 Cockpit detail setSS257Photoetch1/72For airfix 1/72 TSR2.
KarayaMikoyanMig29-UB Cockpit set.U48004Resin1/48For Academy MIG29-UB "Fulcrum"
Mike GrantN/ACockpit DecalsCKP072Decals1/72Assorted 1/72 cockpit decals for WW2 and early British jets.
QuickboostHawkerHunter Ejection seatQB 48550Resin1/48For Italeri/Academy kits. Stored in Italeri 1/48 Hunter box.
QuickboostBristolPorcupine Exhausts for beaufighterQB 48 043Resin1/48Porcupine exhausts for Tamiya beaufighter TF.S
TechmodSupermarineSpitfire Mk.1-XVI Stencils48093Decals1/48
XtradecalBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighter Mk.X/TF.MK.X/Mk.21/TT.Mk.21X48148Decals1/48
XtradecalN/AGerman WWII Luftwaffe SwastikasX48019Decals1/72German WWII Luftwaffe Swastikas.
XtradecalHeinkelHeinkel He111PX72220Decals1/72
XtradecalHawkerHunter F Mk.9/FR 10X48034Decals1/4854, 8/43 and 229OCU/79 Squadrons. 56/1TWU squardron, FR10 2 Squadron, 4 Squadron
XtradecalGlosterJavelin FAW.9/9R Part 1X48125Decals1/48XH721 MHM flown by Wing Co Michael Miller 60 Sqn RAF Tengah 1961; XH883 25 Sqn RAF Waterbeach 1960; XH905/E 5 Sqn RAF Geilenkirchen 1960s; XH909/R 25 Sqn RAF Waterbeach 1958; XJ122/E 85 Sqn RAF West Raynham
XtradecalGlosterJavelin FAW.9/9R Part 2X48126Decals1/48XH834/PDW 64 Sqn RAF Tengah 1965; XH715/X 33 Sqd RAF Middleton St George 1962; XH889/O Wing Co A.J.Owen 23 Sqn RAF Horsham St Faith 1962; XH966/X 41 Sqn RAF Wattisham 1963; XH960/V 29 Sqn RAF Akrotiri 1965
XtradecalN/ARAF Roundels Type C + Fin FlashesX02948Decals1/48Sizes: 16", 32", 40", 48", 50", 54", 56", 63", 84". The 54" roundels have been used.
XtradecalSupermarineSpitefire Mk.VbX48132Decals1/48
XtradecalSupermarineSpitfire Mk.11aX32054Decals1/32
XtradecalSupermarineSpitfire Mk.11aX32053Decals1/32
XtradecalDe HavillandVampire NF.10X01848Decals1/4823 & 25 Squadron, No 2 Air Nav School, Vampire T11 Air Traffic School, Armament Practice School & 56 Squadron.
XtradecalVickersWellington Mk.1cX48055Decals1/4837, 149 and 214 Squadrons.

Kits currently on the bench.
Kit Maker Subject Builder Kit Name Part Number Scale Comments
AcademyLockheedLightning P-38F "Glacier Girl"122081/48
AirfixConsolidated AircraftB-24 LiberatorA060101/72
AirfixBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighterA040191/72
AirfixHawker SiddeleyBuccaneer S2B/S2D/SMk50A040491/72
ItaleriJunkersJU-521501/72With OWL R27028 Gun ship/bomber conversion set.
MonogramNorth AmericanTwin Mustang F-82G85-52571/72Good condition, some parts off sprues. Decals look a bit faded.
RevellBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighter MK.1F048891/32
RevellMesserschmittBf-110 G-2 ZG185-41641/48
RevellFairey AviationGannett AS Mk.1/4043971/72
RevellHeinkelHe 111 H-6043771/72Slow progress.
RevellFairey AviationRotodyne000131/78I'll finish it one day.
RevellTupolevTU-95 "Bear D"046731/144
RevellHandley PageVictor K MK.2043261/72
SwordEnglish ElectricLightning T.5SW720801/72