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Where indicated kits are for sale with an approximate asking price.

Kit Maker Subject Builder Kit Name Kit Part Number Scale For Sale? Sale Price () Notes
AcademyBoeing B17G Flying Fortress 124901/72Yes16.00New. Sprues still in sealed bags.
AcademyMcDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle "Seymour Johnson" 122951/48Yes35.00As new.
AcademyMcDonnell Douglas F15-E Strike Eagle "With Bombs" 21171/48Yes25.00As new.
AcademyGrumman F4U-1A/C/D Corsair VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" 122931/48Yes20.00As new.
AcademyNorth American FR-86F Sabre "The Huff" 122341/48Yes10.00As new.
AcademyHawker Hunter F6 21641/48No
AcademyHawker Hunter FGA.9 21691/48No
AcademyMikoyan Mig-20UB "Fulcrum-B" 21191/48Yes30.00Bags opened and some parts off sprues. Comes with Begemot decal set (48-012) and Karaya resin and PE cockpit details set.
AcademyMikoyan Mig-20UB "Fulcrum-B" 21191/48Yes15.00Good condition. Sprues still in bags.
AcademyMcDonnell Douglas Phantom F-4B VF-111 "Sundowners" 122321/48No
AirfixMartin B-57B/RB-57E Canberra A050181/72Yes15.00
AirfixEnglish Electric Canberra A101021/48Yes30.00
AirfixEnglish Electric Canberra PR.9 A050391/72Yes12.00
AirfixBristol Aeroplane Company Freighter MK.32 A050021/72Yes40.00Still in shrink wrap.
AirfixHawker Fury A041031/48Yes10.00
AirfixBAe Harrier FRS1 A123451/24Yes45.00As new.
AirfixBAe Harrier GR.3 A051021/48Yes15.00
AirfixHawker Hurricane Mk.1 1/24NoPut Comments Here
AirfixSEPECAT Jaguar GR1.A A071041/48NoPart of a job lot. Contains 2 complete kits plus some aries burner cans.
AirfixGloster Javelin FAW 9/9R A120071/48Yes40.00Flying hours missing.
AirfixEnglish Electric Lightning F2A/F6 A091781/48Yes35.00
AirfixWestland Lynx Mk.88A/HMA 8/Mk90B A101071/48Yes22.00
AirfixGloster Meteor F.8 A091821/48yes30.00
AirfixMikoyan MIG-29A "Fulcrum" A040371/72Yes10.00Started. some parts off sprue.
AirfixDe Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 A110021/48Yes40.00
AirfixSupermarine Seafire F.XVII A061021/48Yes19.00
AirfixSupermarine Seafire L.IIIc / Spitfire Mk Vc A051101/48Yes10.00Good condition, sprues still in bags. Decals look OK but can't guarantee they will be usable.
AirfixAvro Shackleton MR.2 A110041/72Yes30.00As new.
AirfixSupermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb A041001/48Yes8.00
AirfixShorts Stirling B1/III A070021/72Yes15.00
AirfixBAC TSR2 A080111/72No1 Stratos 4 Boxing, 1 older boxing. Not for sale or swap under any circumstances.
AirfixBAC TSR2 A101051/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances.
Airfix WASA 1628 092561/144No0.00Part built.
Attack Hobby KitsTatra Tatra V755 728421/72Yes15.00
F-RSINBreguet Br.763 FRP40071/144NoBreguet Duex-Ponts
FlyHawker Hurricane Mk IIc 320121/32Yes40.00
FlyHawker Hurricane Mk IIc Tropical 320131/32Yes40.00
FlyWestland Wessex HC.2 320101/32NoInjection moulded and resin parts.
HasegawaVought F-8E Crusader 072251/48Yes20.00Good condition. Some bags opened.
HasegawaMikoyan MIG-25 "Foxbat" JS-130:6001/72Yes12.00
HellerSEPECAT Jaguar GR1/GR3 804271/48Yes20.00Still in shrink wrap.
HellerNord Noratlas 2501 3501/72Yes30.00Good condition. Some bags opened.
Hobby BossFairchild republic A-10 Thunderbolt II 803241/48No
Hobby BossGrumman A6-A Intruder 817081/48Yes40.00As new.
Hobby BossMcDonnell Douglas F3H-2M Demon 803651/48Yes25.00As new.
Hobby BossMesserschmitt ME-262 A-1a/U5 803731/48Yes25.00
Hobby BossRepublic P-47D Thunderbolt 858041/48Yes13.00As new.
Hobby BossNorthrop P-61B Black Widow 817311/48yes30.00
Hobby BossSupermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb/Trop 832061/32Yes30.00Brand new, box opened to verify contents. All sprues still in sealed bags.
Hobby CraftAvro Canada CF-106 "Arrow" HC16591/48Yes50.00Good condition, but decals looking faded.
Hobby CraftMikoyan Mig-27 "Flogger" HC15921/48Yes15.00Still in shrink wrap.
Hong Kong ModelsGloster Gloster Meteor F.4 01E061/32No65.00
ItaleriGeneral Dynamics F-16 C/D Night Falcon 1881/72Yes7.00Box a bit squashed and bags open, some parts of sprue.
ItaleriGrumman F8F-2 Bearcat 8031/48Yes10.00
ItaleriHeinkel He 111 H-6 1211/72Yes15.00
ItaleriHawker Hunter F6/F9 027081/48Yes25.00As new.
ItaleriShorts Stirling B1/III 13501/72Yes30.00
ItaleriNorthrop X/YB-35 "Flying Wing" 12771/72NoAs new.
KineticGrumman E-2C Hawkeye K480151/48Yes40.00As new.
Kitty HawkVought XFU5-1 Flying Pancake KH801351/48Yes30.00
LindbergMesserschmitt ME-262 23141/48Yes15.00Box a bit squashed, parts off sprues.
Mach 2SNECMA Coleoptere 1/72No
Mach 2Leduc Leduc 021 1/72No
Mach 2Leduc Leduc 022 1/72No
MengBradley M3A3 w/BUSK III SS-0061/35Yes32.00As new. All pasrts still in sealed bags.
MengMesserschmitt Me163B Komet QS-0011/32Yes40.00
MonogramConvair F-106 Delta Dart 058091/48Yes20.00
MonogramHeinkel He 111 H6 05-55221/48NoNot for sale/swap under any cicumstances.
MonogramNorth American Mustang P-51D 5101-01001/48Yes12.00
QuickboostBristol Porcupine Exhausts for beaufighter QB 48 0431/48YesPorcupine exhausts for Tamiya beaufighter TF.S
RevellFairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II 046871/48Yes20.00
RevellArado Ar (E) 555 043671/72Yes
RevellArado Ar 196A-3 046881/32Yes30.00
RevellBachem BA-349A "Natter" 046131/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances.
RevellBristol Aeroplane Company Beaufighter MK.1F 048891/32Yes25.00
RevellMesserschmitt Bf-110 G-2/R3 045301/48Yes18.00
RevellEnglish Electric Canberra PR.9 042811/72No0.00
RevellDornier Do215 B-5 049251/48Yes25.00
RevellDornier Do335 A-1a "Pfeil" 043241/72Yes12.00
RevellConvair F-106 Delta Dart 058491/48Yes20.00
RevellNorthrop F-5E Tiger II 053181/48Yes15.00
RevellVought F4U-1A Corsair 047811/32Yes18.00
RevellFerrari Ferrari Set II 057071/24Yes20.00
RevellFocke Wulfe FW190 F-8 048691/32Yes28.00Put Comments Here
RevellHandley Page Halifax B MK.I/II GR II 046701/72Yes22.00As new.
RevellBaE Systems Hawk T1A 042841/32Yes15.00
RevellHeinkel He 111 P-1 123451/32Yes35.00
RevellHeinkel He-162A 047231/32NoPostage refunded as bags had been opened
RevellHorten Ho 229 043121/72Yes
RevellHawker Hunter FGA.9/Mk/58 047031/32Yes25.00
RevellJunkers JU-88 MKII 123451/32Yes30.00
RevellAvro Lancaster B III "Dambusters" 042951/72Yes22.00As new.
RevellAvro Lancaster Mk.1/III 043001/72Yes20.00As new.
RevellWestland Lynx HAS.3 048371/32Yes16.00As new.
RevellWestland Lysander Mk.I/III 047101/32No
RevellFocke Wulf Mistel V TA154 & FW-190A 048241/48Yes25.00
RevellNorth American Mustang 039441/32Yes35.00
RevellLockheed P-38J Lightning 054791/48Yes14.00
RevellNorthrop P-61 Black Widow 85-75461/48Yes20.001 kit still in shrink wrap.
RevellFairey Aviation Rotodyne 000131/78Yes50.001/78 Scale
RevellAvro Shackleton AEW.2 049201/72Yes35.00
RevellSupermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa 039861/32Yes25.00
RevellSupermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI 046611/48Yes0.00
RevellSupermarine Spitfire Mx IXc/XVI 045541/48Yes0.00
RevellFocke Wulf TA-154A-0 045351/72Yes12.00Missing canopy. Vendor gave full refund. Waiting on Revell for replacement. Revell - old kit so no spares vaiable.
RevellPanavia Tornado IDS 039871/48Yes20.00As new.
RevellTupolev Tu-22B "Blinder" 043711/72Yes40.00
RevellBell UH-1 "Huey" 049051/24Yes25.00
RevellHandley Page Victor K MK.2 043261/72Yes18.00
RevellVickers Wellington Mk.II 049031/72Yes15.00
RodenBristol Aeroplane Company F.2b 4251/48Yes22.00
Special HobbyMcDonnell Douglas XF-85 "Goblin" 480031/48NoNot for sale/swap under any circumstances. Both acquired via e-bay
TamiyaBristol Aeroplane Company Beaufighter TF Mk.X 610671/48No
TamiyaDornier Do335-A "Pfeil" 610741/48NoIncludes Aries Cockpit.
TamiyaDornier Do335A-12 "Anteater" Trainer. 61076-30001/48NoSwapped for Academy 1/72 Catalina and Hasegawa 1/32 Zero. 2nd one bought from sale on Britmodeller 21.98.
TamiyaMcDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle 64241/48Yes20.00Box a bit squashed.
TamiyaDe Havilland Mosquito B MkIV/PR MK IV 610661/48No
Tamiyade Havilland Mosquito FB Mk IV 603261/32No
TamiyaDe Havilland Mosquito FB MK.VI/NF Mk.II 610621/48No
TamiyaKawanishi N1K1 Kyofu Type 11 610361/48Yes15.00As new.
TamiyaBAe Sea Harrier FRS1 610261/48Yes10.00As new.
TamiyaSupermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc 603191/32No
TrumpeterFairey Aviation Gannett T Mk.2 16301/72Yes15.00As new.
TrumpeterMesserschmitt Me-262 022371/32Yes45.00As new.
TrumpeterMesserschmitt Me-262 A-1a 022351/32No
TrumpeterLockheed P38L-5-L0 Lightning 12341/32Yes80.00
TrumpeterFairey Aviation Swordfish Mk.1 32021/32NoContains optional clear fuselage assembly.
TrumpeterVickers Wellington 028231/48No
ValomHandley Page Harrow Mk II 720571/72Yes
ValomHandley Page Harrow Mk II 720571/72YesFlory Models auction
ValomHandley Page Harrow Mk II (Toothy Markings) 721161/72Yes
Whirlybird ModelsAvro 707C WPX720101/72No
Whirlybird ModelsFairey Aviation Delta 1 WPX720071/72No
Whirlybird ModelsHandley Page HP.88 WPX720161/72No
Zoukei-MuraHorten Ho229 31/48No

Kits currently on the bench

Kit Maker Subject Builder Kit Name Part Number Scale
AcademyLockheedLightning P-38F "Glacier Girl"122081/48
AirfixConsolidated AircraftB-24 LiberatorA060101/72
AirfixBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighterA040191/72
AirfixHawker SiddeleyBuccaneer S2B/S2D/SMk50A040491/72
MonogramNorth AmericanTwin Mustang F-82G85-52571/72
RevellBristol Aeroplane CompanyBeaufighter MK.1F048891/32
RevellMesserschmittBf-110 G-2 ZG185-41641/48
RevellFairey AviationGannett AS Mk.1/4043971/72
RevellHeinkelHe 111 H-6043771/72
RevellFairey AviationRotodyne000131/78
RevellTupolevTU-95 "Bear D"046731/144
RevellHandley PageVictor K MK.2043261/72
SwordEnglish ElectricLightning T.5SW720801/72