Title Author Publisher ISBN Condition Comments Cost()
The Greatest Show On EarthDawkins, Richard Bantam Press 9780593061732Fine20
Knots Ties and SplicesIrving, Commander A Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd NoneVery Good6.5
The Stone Circles of the British IslesBurl, Aubrey Yale University Press 0 3000 2398 7Fair10.99
Organic Chemistry Volume 1Finar, I L Longman 0 5824 4221 4Fair12.95
Organic Chemistry Volume 2Finar, I L Longman 0 5824 43121Fair11.95
Practical Methods of Inorganic ChemistryPerkin, F Mollwo Archibald Constable and Compan noneFairNo dust jacket5
Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Analysis Volume IISand, Henry J S Blackie & Son Ltd none5
Quantitative Inorganic AnalysisBelcher & Nutten Butterworths noneFair1.5