- Upload Guide
Requirement Comments
All images should be sharp, but not oversharpened. Blurry images, i.e out of focus or suffering from camera shake will usually be declined.
The image must be correctly centered, i.e not high or low in the frame unless it is clear that such a crop is deliberate. Please include a note to the screeners if this is the case.
The image must be correctly levelled.
Try not to clip wing/elevator/rudder tips when cropping your images. There are some ways of editing shots where parts of the airframe are cropped out; images may be declined if the cropping of parts of the airframe leads to an unbalanced look to the image. The screeners do have some discretion here.
Image Dimensions
Uploaded images should conform to the allowed sizes (See below). The only exceptions will be older images that are scanned from prints/transparencies.
The image should be correctly exposed. In practice there are no set rules for this, but images that are clearly under or over exposed will be declined.
Contrast is related to exposure and as a general rule images that are correctly exposed will have good contrast.
Please make sure ALL uploaded images use sRGB as their colour space.
As a general rule images that are backlit will be declined. However we do recognise that in some cases having a backlit subject does work.
Images should be free of spots and blemishes. Images with dust spots that are visible without equalising the image will be declined. Specks - usually birds or other planes and should be cloned out unless it is obvious what they are. Please do not attempt to clone out other objects.
Images should be free of any colour casts. We do understand that not everyone has the luxury of a calibrated monitor and we try and take this into account when screening.
Night Shots
Images taken at night should follow the same general rules as daylight photos. Major differences will be around noise and colour.
Noise Reduction
Use of noise reduction is acceptable, but don't overdo it. Images that have been overprocessed with noise reduction tools have a very specific look to them, and will be declined if the photo does not look right.
Digital Noise/JPG Artefacts
Not suffer from excessive noise/JPG artefacts. Images shot at low ISO values can still have noise/jpg artefact issues that are introduced during image processing.
File Format
Images should be .jpg or jpeg only.
File Size
File sizes should not exceed 1MB.
Watermark gives members the option to place a watermark on their images when uploading. We do ask members to use the facility carefully. Images that have the watermark placed in a manner that makes viewing the main subject difficult to see may get declined. Please do not upload images with your own watermark embedded: they will be declined.
EXIF Infomation
Camera EXIF information is retained if no watermark is added.
Images must be aviation related. Uploaded photos that show little or no aviation related content will be declined. Examples are 'Spotting Locations'; such shots must show an aircraft or airport.
Similar Photos allow members a wide latitude when uploading images of the same aircraft. We do ask members to review what they already have in the database before uploading and exercise some self screening. Screeners may decline images for 'Similar' if the image is too similar to one already in the database.
Hot Photos has no specific method for flagging a photo as hot. If you believe you have a hot photo then e-mail or post in the support forum.