Academy 1/32 General Dynamics F-16I SUFA

So it begins. A big build with all the goodies. This is going to include full LED lighting for the cockpit, Nav and landing lights. Model will be placed on a runway diorama.

Paints Used: Tamiya, Gunze

Aftermarket Used: eduard big ed, Aires resin cockpit set.

Kit Review

Part Summary
1In part 1 Phil gives an overview of the kit: describes the objectives of this build and reviews the aftermarket parts to be used to detail the kit. Work starts on assembling and fitting the resin cockpit.
2In part 2 work begins on the fibre optics and the painting and weathering of the cockpit.
3In part 3 the fibre optics are installed and work on the cockpit is completed. Phil demonstrates how to make seamless intakes using lacquer thinners and sprays the intake white.
4In part 4 the intake nav lights are wired up and the main gear wells installed.
5In part 5 the wiring for all the lights is installed and the fuselage is sealed up. The leading edge flaps are changed to the landing position.
6In part 6 the inner engine is painted. All of the lumps, bumps and photo etch parts are attached to the exterior. The fuel tanks and pylons are assembled.
7In part 7 the canopies are polished and then masked. The model is then closed up and prepared for spraying.
8In part 8 Phil discusses what paints are going to be used. The whole model is then given a coat of primer followed by pre-shading using Tamiya XF-1.
9In part 9 the underside is given a coat of light grey and work is started on the camoflage patterm spraying it freehand.
10In part 10 Phil carries on with the painting of the camoflage pattern and makes a custom paint mix to get the correct shade of green and brown.
11In part 11 the metal areas are sprayed using bufferable metallizer paints before proceeding to the decaling stage.
12In part 12 the decaling is completed and the model is sprayed with a satin coat, followed by a dark dirt wash, then a final flat coat.
13In part 13 the landing gear is painted and detailed. The canopy is dipped in a gloss varnish to improve clarity. The landing gear is installed.
14In part 14 the wiring for the LED's is made to look like brake lines. The weapons are finished and installed. The base is completed ready for the final reveal.
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